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DIY Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

Since my grandson is only 9 months old, he has no idea what Halloween is all about. However, his parents and grandparents are very excited to reach this milestone with him. Expensive and extensive costumes are just silly for babies but here are some really cute baby...

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Best New Baby Gifts from Grandmom

When I learned I was going to be a new grandmom, I went into one of the big box stores to get an idea about baby gifts to buy for the new arrival.  It was so overwhelming that I wandered around in a daze, bought a small stuffed animal and left. How could there be so...

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Baby Essentials

Having a newborn is overwhelming. There are so many things to deal with and learn. Breast feeding, swaddle cloths, sleepless nights. Try and make life a little easier for your kids and new baby by helping them get set up with the baby essentials before the baby gets home. Here are the items that have been recommended by new mothers and grandmothers.

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Baby Yoga with Grandmom

At the 7-9 month mark, my grandson is crawling and pulling himself up to stand.  One of his favorite baby games is to use me as a jungle gym.  He climbs over, under and all over me.  Works for me as I get a chance to lay on the floor while he climbs.  I enjoy this...

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New Grandmom

Becoming a grandmom for the first time is beyond anything I imagined.  I dutifully watched pictures and videos of all of my friends’ grandchildren and listened to them oohing and aahing over every detail of development.  I always did a little internal eye rolling at...

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Parenting vs Grandparenting

One of the most difficult parts of being a new grandmother is learning  that there is a big difference between parenting and grandparenting. My natural inclination is to take charge (read: be bossy) and it is sometimes a challenge to realize that I don't get to make...

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Dreading Tummy Time

For anybody that has watched infants, the term Tummy Time strikes terror. Tummy Time is essential from day one to help the baby grow strong. Babies hate it and because they are so unhappy about it, so do grandmothers. When my kids were little, we put babies to sleep...

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Baby Games for 0-3 month olds

The first time I watched my newborn grandson by myself, I was really proud of myself for feeding and burping him, rocking him to sleep and changing his diaper and clothes successfully.  But after all that, he was awake and alert. What do I do with him now?  I knew...

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Baby Games for 4-6 month olds

Once the baby is out of the newborn stage, baby games become even more fun because the baby is much more physical.  He is rolling over and even sitting up.  At this age, my grandson loves games where I bounce him on my knees. Bouncing up and down and side to side are...

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