Winter is fast approaching and I’m starting to feel the cold. I know how to bundle up and winterize myself when it starts getting chilly but my grandson certainly doesn’t. He also hates getting dressed now so I can’t imagine what will happen when extra layers are necessary.  Here are some ideas for ways to keep the baby warm without torturing everyone in the process.

Most experts say that a baby up to one year old should wear one more layer of clothing than an adult would and that inside temperatures should be between 68 and 72. A good way to tell if the baby is too warm or too cold is by feeling their tummy or their back. It should be warm but not sweaty. Feet and hands will be colder and are not a good way to determine temperature.  Most of the new moms I know put a long sleeve onesie under whatever the baby is wearing for the day and that seems to do the trick.

Keeping socks on baby any time of year is a problem but it is definitely a challenge in the winter. Most of the babies I know delight in pulling their socks off which just won’t do in cold weather. One of my grandmom friends told me about a great product that solves this problem. Undersocks are soft bamboo thermal pants with thick socks sewn in. The baby can’t get the socks off and the undersocks protect the baby when pants ride up when he is in a carrier or stroller.  They can be worn alone or under clothing.

Experts say it is important to put the baby to sleep on his back and to not use any blankets or bedding to prevent the possibility of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). They also say it is important not to overheat the baby so keeping the baby warm and comfortable but not too warm is a little tricky. Easiest solutions seem to be soft, footed sleepers with perhaps a onesie underneath for really cold nights. A wearable blanket or sleep sack is a terrific alternative to blankets. They keep the baby warm but they are sleeveless so the baby can move his arms easily. There are different weights of sleep sacks for different temperatures. The ones made from fleece are good for cold weather.

Going Outside
Going outside is not as simple as putting a heavy jacket or snowsuit on the baby.  If you are going outside for a walk in the stroller or carrier heavy outdoor clothing stroller covermay be appropriate or you can get a stroller cover to put the baby in without having to over bundle him. JJ Cole Urban Bundleme Stealth is a good, warm bunting for your stroller.  Unless you are dealing with a new infant, it is probably better to get the toddler size so you have a few years out of it.

Car Seats
Baby winter wear for car seats is complicated so you don’t interfere with the safety harness. Please see Keeping your Baby warm in a Car Seat