Since my grandson is only 9 months old, he has no idea what Halloween is all about. However, his parents and grandparents are very excited to reach this milestone with him. Expensive and extensive costumes are just silly for babies but here are some really cute baby costume ideas for the miniature trick and treaters. These are all easy to put together with minimum fuss and expense.

Looking forward to having fun with this.   Since my grandson is just starting to walk by pushing things, the first one would be perfect for him.  Hmm, where is that newsboy hat I bought him?


little old man costume

Little Old Man. Walker is pvc pipe and wheels. Photo by Costume Works

Halloween costume for baby

Some overalls and straw- Photo by Costume Works

Halloween costume for baby

Aerobic Baby – Photo by Laura Berkley

Baby halloween costume

Harry Potter – Photo by Love & Lion

baby halloween

Iphone Stroller Cover – Photo by Rookie Mom

What’s the cutest Halloween costume you have seen?