When I learned I was going to be a new grandmom, I went into one of the big box stores to get an idea about baby gifts to buy for the new arrival.  It was so overwhelming that I wandered around in a daze, bought a small stuffed animal and left. How could there be so many varieties of bottles, car seats, diapers, breast feeding pumps etc.? I thought it would be a good idea to speak to new mothers and grandmothers to find out what was a really helpful gift for a new baby.  Here is the list that evolved.

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uppa baby vista stroller

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller

  • Get gear that converts from infant through toddler. A stroller is pretty important.  There are several that are good for both infants and toddlers. I was told it was important to get one that was easy to convert, had good wheels to push on uneven sidewalks and to try and get one that had really good storage underneath. The Uppa Baby Vista stroller is amazing. Has a bassinet attachment for infants and converts to a stroller that is good until the baby no longer needs one.  Really easy to push on uneven city streets and lots of storage underneath so that you can walk the baby and do some shopping along the way.
  • The Anton Cybex car seat with adapters for the stroller is also great-fits right on the stroller and is good until the baby is two years or older.
  • Mountain Buggy Nano travel stroller is wonderful for travel. It also doubles as a car seat carrier when traveling- super light.
  • Changing table- You don’t really need a specific changing table- a dresser with a changing pad on top works just fine and you have it for clothes as the baby gets older.(Keekaroo Peanut changing pad is good)
  • snugapuppyBaby rocker- You will need something to put baby down that is small and can move rooms with you. I have great pictures of my grandson in the Fisher Price Snugapuppy, which was fine. No need for pricey swinging rockers especially because you don’t want baby to get used to sleeping with vibration or swing.
  • Co-sleeper crib-a mini crib you can either attach to the side of the bed or just put next to the bed. (Arms Reach co sleeper was great). New parents will be up feeding and changing the baby constantly so its good to have baby next to you with easy access.  Because of the mesh sides you can also check on the baby without getting out of bed.