Baby YogaAt the 7-9 month mark, my grandson is crawling and pulling himself up to stand.  One of his favorite baby games is to use me as a jungle gym.  He climbs over, under and all over me.  Works for me as I get a chance to lay on the floor while he climbs.  I enjoy this activity even more at the end of the day. I find I am really stiff from bending and lifting and my back is definitely screaming in protest.

I’ve taken yoga in the past and I was really starting to improve flexibility which is of course when I stopped taking it.  I decided to look into Mommy (or Grandmom) and Baby yoga classes.  The first one I took only had two other participants which was great but it really wasn’t geared to the baby. I spent more of the class chasing him around the room than I spent in downward dog.

I heard about Baby Om, Yoga for Mothers and Babies, a book written by Laura Staton and Sarah Perron. They were both dancers, yoga instructors and new mothers.  “Having created a new standard, Baby Om was featured in countless media: The Wayne Brady Show, Martha Stewart Living, Time Out NY, The Village Voice and Yoga Journal among many others. More than 10 years later it is still on the shelves as the leading “how to” for mother & baby yoga and among the top 3 in search results (often first).”

There is a class offered in Brooklyn and Laura and Sarah have trained teachers in their method both nationally and internationally.

I decided to try this first in the living room.  The book was really easy to follow and gave great instructions and images to achieve the different poses. I may try going to the class where I am sure I will be the oldest attendee but that’s ok. Grandmom and Baby Yoga has now become a part of our regular routine and I’m not sure who loves it more.  I think maybe it is my back.