Once the baby is out of the newborn stage, baby games become even more fun because the baby is much more physical.  He is rolling over and even sitting up.  At this age, my grandson loves games where I bounce him on my knees. Bouncing up and down and side to side are particular favorites. “This is the way the Lady Rides”  is a good rhyme for this. If you are like me and can’t remember the words to a lot of these songs and rhymes, here is a great album with lots of old and new songs and rhymes.baby games

Fly Baby

Once the baby could hold his head up, flying games produced baby giggles. “Zoom, zoom, we’re flying to the moon” resulted in smiles even before I lifted him up.  We would zoom through the house making airplane noises. Wait about an hour after he eats before trying this or you could get a face full of spit up.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Playing with Toys

Toys that make noise and are easy to hold are great fun now.  I like the ones with quiet songs. This Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes actually plays classical music- much easier to take than some of the other noise makers.


I couldn’t wait until my grandson was old enough to appreciate bubbles, partly because I love them.  There is something so magical about blowing bubbles and watching them float away.  Watching the baby try to grab them was great fun.  They are wonderful to take in a diaper bag and use when you are out and the baby is fussy.  They are inexpensive, easily transportable and seem to be totally fascinating.

Peekaboo in the mirror

My grandson loves to look at me holding him in the mirror. He gets a huge smile on his face as he looks from me to his reflection. Combining this with putting a cloth over my face or his and pulling it away and saying peekaboo is absolutely hysterical. We can play this for a long time.  Of course, peekaboo without the mirror is a great favorite as well.