Having a newborn is overwhelming. There are so many things to deal with and learn. Breast feeding, swaddle cloths, sleepless nights. Try and make life a little easier for your kids and new baby by helping them get set up with the baby essentials before the baby gets home. Here are the items that have been recommended by new mothers and grandmothers.

General Information

  • The first thing the new parents should do is sign up for Amazon Prime. You can get everything delivered within 2 days. My kids use it for everything- diapers, pacifiers, toys, etc. Because many young couples live in small spaces, there is no need to stockpile everything. Order it as you need it.
  • Get gear that can convert from infant through toddler.
  • ALL stores will try to convince you that you need tons of stuff.  You really don’t.
  • Friends and family really do want to help. The best thing they can do for a new family is to have them make food that is easily heated. Have them drop off some food and stockpile some things in the freezer. It is really important to have easy access to food in the beginning.
  • Breast feeding can be hard, but there are so many tools available now that make it easier. Find a lactation consultant in your area early and don’t be afraid to use her.

Things to get before the baby comes home


  • Pack of size 0 and size 1 diapers (Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive are good)
  • Baby wipes for sensitive skin (some babies are allergic to all wipes so have cotton squares and water available)
  • Butt cream (Triple ointment is good)
  • 1-3 four oz bottles (Dr. Brown are old school best, good for gas) with size 0 nipples (sterilize before)
  • Bottle drying rack- get what you like
  • You don’t need bottle warmer- cup of hot water works fine.
  • You also don’t need sterilizer (wash bottles in soap and water and sterilize by boiling for five minutes once a week)
  • Formula: not bad to have a box at home even if you are breastfeeding. (Holle or Hipp) Both are European and best quality organic.  You can order on Ebay. If you get U.S. brand, Earth’s Best is good. Go with organic if possible.


  • Changing table or changing table pad on top of a dresser(Keekaroo Peanut changing pad is good)
  • Baby rocker- You will need something to put baby down that is small and can move rooms with you. I have great pictures of my grandson in the Fisher Price Snug-A-Puppy, which was fine. No need for pricey swinging rockers especially because you don’t want baby to get used to sleeping with vibration or swing.
  • Co-sleeper crib-a mini crib you can either attach to the side of the bed or just put next to the bed. (Arms Reach co sleeper was great). New parents will be up feeding and changing the baby constantly so its good to have baby next to you with easy access.  Because of the mesh sides you can also

    Ergobaby carrier

    check on the baby without getting out of bed.

  • Baby monitor
  • Diaper bin to block smell (Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail
  • 2 pack of 0-3 month Avent Soothie pacifier (sterilize first)
  • Carrier-Boba or Moby wraps are best for 0-3 months, but you can use longer and then you can switch to 360 Ergobaby which works through the toddler years

Bedding and Bathing

  • 2 crib sheets (need one to wash, and one to use) Aiden & Anais have great comfy sheets with good designs. They also have good Burpy burp cloths that double as a bib
  • Swaddles- you will use swaddle cloths for everything-summer blankets, sun blocker, etc. but it was very hard to actually swaddle with them without the baby breaking free, pulling it over head or being too tight. The SwaddleMe swaddles  are a little Velcro cocoon-much easier and feels safer
  • 2-3 bath towels
  • 1-2 small blankets
  • Baby Bath- Fisher Price is fine, get the one that has infant swing and transforms for toddlers


  • Get a few pairs of newborn sizes but babies grow fast- you probably won’t need them for long- 0-3 months are more practical
  • 3-4 newborn and 0-3 size onesies- long sleeve and short (Carters are good)
  • 4 pairs of socks and newborn hats (Carters)
  • 6 footed sleepers
  • 2 gowns with elastic bottom- help with nighttime changing
  • 2 wearable blanket sleeper- keep baby warm without the danger of blankets in a crib

Nursing and Pumping

  • Hands free pumping bra (necessity!)
  • nursing cover

    Nursing cover

    Spare valves and membranes for your pump (Check with insurance- many policies will cover pump purchase)

  • Nursing cover with wire rim to wear if you are nursing in public- totally covers baby, wire rim allows you to see baby
  • Lanolin cream for nipples (only needed for first few weeks)
  • Before buying nipple pads and all the nursing paraphernalia wait to see if you will need it
  • Breastfriend pillow– works much better than Boppy pillow

Medications to have on hand

  • Pedialyte
  • Infant Tylenol
  • A good rectal thermometer (ear thermometer is not good until 6 months) Safety First is a good one
  • Nose Frida snot sucker (it’s awesome)
  • Baby nail clippers (you will use these a lot- baby fingernails are sharp!)
  • Sunscreen (Babo from Whole foods is good


  • Eat, Sleep, Poop-a very straightforward medical guide decision-tree styleeat sleep poopwonder weeks
  • Wonder Weeks-good for developmental changes with games and ways to help baby meet developmental goals