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Swinging a Toddler by the Arms is a Definite No-No

I just recently learned that swinging a toddler by their arms can really be dangerous.  Walking down the street with Mommy and Daddy and being lifted up and swung is one of my grandson's favorite activities. For kids between one and four, this can result in injury to...

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On Being a Really Helpful Grandmom

When my kids were little my parents and in laws visited often. I had three kids under 4 and I really looked forward to their help when they came over. My mother in law would bring giant toys that I had no room for and would play with the kids for a half an hour before sitting down to the dinner I prepared for them.

My mother would bring a giant box of diapers and a dinner that she had prepared at home before she came. I want to be a helpful grandmom like my mother.

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Meet Jake – a Knitted Waldorf Doll

I loved the idea of a Waldorf doll for my grandson but didn’t want to pay the prices to buy one. I decided to create a knitted Waldorf doll. I got a little carried away making clothes as well but it was a fun project. My grandson loves Jake!

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DIY Play Kitchen in Two Stages

I knew I eventually wanted to get my grandson a play kitchen but after I went with him to a play group and watched him spend a good half hour putting things in and taking things out of a play kitchen, I decided he was ready for it sooner than I thought. I knew I wanted a wood kitchen for him and started researching them online. After I saw some of the prices, I decided making a play kitchen would be a perfect DIY project for Grandmom.

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Going to Grandmom’s for Thanksgiving

I am so excited to have my family coming to our house for Thanksgiving this year.  It is my first year as a grandmother and I am really thankful. I am trying to get everything done ahead of time so I can spend the weekend enjoying everyone rather than cooking. Our...

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Why Wooden Toys for Babies?

When my grandson was first born, he got a lot of plastic toys as gifts. They were bright and colorful, made noises and blinked lights. I thought they were terrific until the sound of one more electronic voice chirping in my ear started to drive me crazy when I watched the baby. I also realized when I really examined them, that they did everything for my grandson. They sang, they counted, they beeped. Where was imagination, or quiet play with these toys? My kids had a lot of wooden toys when they were little and I started to research wooden toys today.

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Old Books, New Books

Even though he is only 9 months old, my grandson loves books and has since he was an infant.  He still tries to eat them first but he will sit and listen as you read him a story. He has definite favorites and some are better for quiet times before bed, while others...

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How to Winterize your Grandchild

Winter is fast approaching and I'm starting to feel the cold. I know how to bundle up and winterize myself when it starts getting chilly but my grandson certainly doesn't. He also hates getting dressed now so I can't imagine what will happen when extra layers are...

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Safe and Warm in a Car Seat

Here is an area that is new to me as a grandmom. Keeping a baby warm in a car seat can be a problem. Bulky coats and buntings are not safe because they make the safety straps too loose.

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